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Canelo Álvarez to Yildirim: “it’s worth dreaming”

Canelo Álvarez to Yildirim: “it’s worth dreaming”

Mexican boxer Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez will face a new challenge this Saturday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. In his first commitment of the year, he will face his rival Avni Ylidrim who, despite accumulating two years without getting in a ring to play an official fight, will seek the opportunity to snatch two titles from the native of Jalisco.

Due to the current sanitary conditions, both boxers are already in a bubble inside the hotel in the American city. There, in an interview conducted by La Octava Sports, Canelo said he was ready for combat. In addition, although he looks like a clear favorite to win the confrontation, he acknowledged that the course of the fight can change in an instant.

“I don’t trust, I know what boxing is. A single blow can change everything and I come ready to win, to fight with the best and do my job one hundred percent, as I have always done ”, he declared.

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The challenger, from Turkey, dreams of stripping Saúl Álvarez of the super middleweight belts of the World Boxing Council (WBC), as well as that of the World Association (WBA). In fact, he seeks to repeat his performance against Mexican Marco Antonio Peribán, whom he defeated in May 2017.

On that occasion, Yildrim sought to transcend in the qualifying rounds to obtain the Super middleweight title awarded by the WBC. However, to achieve this he had to overcome Peribán in a confrontation in Zapopan, Jalisco. After playing 12 rounds, the judges decided to unanimously award the victory to the Turkish boxer.

With the bets against him and despite his inactivity in two years, Avni “Mr. Robot ”Yildrim does not rule out winning victory. In that sense, Álvarez thinks that it is legitimate for the opponent to have those aspirations. “It is worth dreaming, that without a doubt. It is worth dreaming and well, how good, he comes to do his job, to try to win me, but I also come to win because he does not win, “he declared.

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Criticism has accompanied Saúl Álvarez in his career. Some experts have pointed out that the choice of his opponents does not represent a real requirement for one of the best boxers in the world. In fact, the last week was not that different, as his next fight will be against a boxer with a recent history of inactivity.

Although the athlete has defended himself on several occasions, the members of his team have also shown their faces. Eddy Reynoso, the coach in front of the Jalisco corner said, in an interview for ESPN Knockout, that within the category in which Canelo performs there are no fights pending.

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“People who know boxing know that, by history, the worst defeats of the great champions have come in fights called tune up (warm-up), but we are motivated and focused on an ambitious project that we want to crystallize in September and Yildrim is not. it has to be no obstacle. We prepare, as always, to go as usual ”, he assured.

In that sense, his agenda includes three more meetings. According to his team and Álvarez himself, the second fight would be against Billy Joe Saunders, to be held in the month of May. Although, to schedule his second fight of the year, he will have to pass over Yildirim, who has 21 victories, of which 12 have been by knockout. (GG) (Infobae)

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