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‘Canelo’ and Chávez will play the bag of the match on May 6 in Las Vegas

‘Canelo’ and Chávez will play the bag of the match on May 6 in Las Vegas
The Mexicans Sául ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and Julio César Chávez Jr. assured that they will play the purse of their fight on May 6 in Las Vegas, United States, although they did not specify the amount.
Both fighters announced the “deal” to the ESPN television network, which covers the presentation tour of the fight in Mexico and the United States.
“He says that he will knock me out in eight rounds, that he will beat me and he is very confident, in fact I bet his bag, that he did not beat me and he did not knock me out and he accepted,” said Álvarez in a video published by the network .
Álvarez said that they accepted the bet in front of the cameras and closed it with a handshake, in a kind of “done deal,” as gentlemen.
“That’s it, or you go with the double or you go with nothing,” added ‘Canelo’.
According to Mexican media, Chávez has a guaranteed payment of six million dollars, while Álvarez’s apparently is double, both amounts will increase with the sum of the payment to see that the company Golden Boy Promotions, of former world champion Oscar de la Hoya , has estimated could be one million users.
“They are different bags and we have to reach an agreement to make it formal so that there are no problems. The bag is the least of it, the fight is the most important, “said Chávez, who commented that on different occasions Álvarez has said that he will win four times more than him.
Both fighters complete a tour this week in which they present their fight in four cities, on Monday it happened in Mexico, on Tuesday in New York, on Thursday they will be in Houston and on Saturday in Los Angeles.
To combat, Álvarez arrives with a mark of 48 wins, 34 before the limit, a loss and a draw; and Chávez has 50 wins, 32 on the fast track, two losses and a draw. EFE
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