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“Canelo” will not accept a belt with Huichol art from the WBC if he wins Chávez Jr.

“Canelo” will not accept a belt with Huichol art from the WBC if he wins Chávez Jr.
The Mexican boxer Saúl «Canelo» Álvarez said today that he will not accept the belt with Huichol art that the World Council of Boxing (WBC) will deliver the winner of the fight between him and his compatriot Julio César Chávez Jr., who will meet next Saturday in Las Vegas.
In the duel, which took place at an agreed weight, there will not be a belt in dispute as regularly happens in this type of fight.
“The WBC was not going (to participate in the fight) from the beginning, even so the president (Mauricio Sulaimán) began to make the Huichol belt and the campaign,” said the boxer in an interview with ESPN.
“There are many interests behind that belt. In fact he has a name, a sponsorship, which pays him for the tour he is doing, “added Álvarez.
The boxer commented that Sulaiman wants to make him look bad in front of the fans, saying that he does not want to accept the Huichol art piece made by Mexicans, and also presumed that he has Huichol friends.
“I knew he was going to go that way and let me look bad with people,” said “Canelo” and explained that part of the clothing he will wear on Saturday will be with Huichol motifs.
After knowing the refusal of “Canelo”, which was made public this Tuesday, Sulaimán anticipated that if Chávez wins, he will give him the belt in Mexico and if Álvarez prevails, the belt will stay in the offices of the CMB that is based in this capital.
The elaboration of the piece was carried out by the artist Luis de la Cruz López, who dedicated some 300 hours of work to put some 40,000 beads using the painting technique, gluing the crystals one by one and weaving, after a sketch on millimeter paper.
The belt is a special award to the boxers who win the fights that will take place on May 5 and September 16, two important dates in the history of Mexico, and in which fights are regularly scheduled in Las Vegas.
Álvarez has a record of 48 wins, 34 before the limit, one loss and one draw; and Chávez accumulates 50 victories, 32 on the fast track, two defeats and a draw. EFE
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