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Casemiro: «Messi is a great loss for the classic»

Casemiro: «Messi is a great loss for the classic»

The Brazilian midfielder of Real Madrid Casemiro praised the figure of Leo Messi and affirmed that it is “a great loss” for Sunday’s classic at the Camp Nou after his departure from Barcelona, ​​although he warned that he does not reduce the potential of the Barça team.

«Messi is a great loss for Barcelona, ​​but also for us, for the classic. It is a very significant loss because he is one of the best players of all time, but we know that Barcelona is always strong, even more so at home, “he said in a statement published by ESPN.

“If we talk about Messi, of course it is a very important loss for Barcelona because he is a great player and we cannot deny it, but it is also going to be a very difficult game. Barcelona always makes it difficult for us, “he added.

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For Casemiro, the significance of the classic is not less due to the change in the players who star in it and he expects an even duel at the Camp Nou on Sunday.

«All the classics are special, especially if Real Madrid and Barcelona face off because it is one of the most watched in the world, if not the most watched. It is certainly a game that is defined by small details. Whoever makes fewer mistakes will win, “he said. EFE (HN)

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