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Cavaliers accept underdog role in title defense

Cavaliers accept underdog role in title defense
Very few in the world of basketball and betting see the current champions of the NBAthe Cleveland Cavaliers, as the favorite team when as of June 1 they begin the defense of the title against the Golden State Warriors, the rivals they will have for the third consecutive year.
Not only are they not favorites neither among experts nor in betting, but this time there are fewer also they consider that they will have the opportunity to win the series of the Finals of the NBA.
Although the champions are recognized as the best team in the Eastern Conference and who have the great star like forward LeBron James.
But there it is, the rest the objective reality is that the Warriors with the acquisition of forward Kevin Durant are a better team in all facets of the game.
All of the above is what is valued and analyzed within the NBA As a preamble, what will be another historic match and revenge on revenge, something that the Cavaliers players themselves have also assimilated in some way, although they are also willing, as in 2016, to change the forecasts.
“This victimizing thing amuses me, because yeah, we’re defending our title after all,” Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love said. «We try to repeat, which is something very difficult. I think we will use it as motivation, but we will not fall for that. It is difficult for me to say that this is the case. I do not feel that we are the underprivileged and we will have to play ».
Love’s argument is that when they have met each other, the Cavaliers have always adapted well and responded positively.
You can accept Love’s perspective, but as teams prepare for Game 1 of the series Thursday at Oakland’s Oracle Arena, the comments Warriors power forward Draymond Green made in October still resonate in Cleveland.
Still hurt after the Warriors blew a three-game-to-one lead in last year’s final against Cleveland, the extroverted Green, who was suspended in Game 5 of that series, in sheer “trickery” and “provocation.” James said that if he gets a chance, he plans to “destroy and annihilate” the Cavaliers.
Love praised Green’s competitiveness and issued a subtle warning to all of Northern California.
“He said he wanted to see us,” Love recalled. “Here we are, starting Thursday.”
The third episode of the trilogy is full of stories, the main one is to see if James and company have enough arsenal for a hand-to-hand duel with the Warriors, who will have the support of Durant, better defense and a bench that scares, in addition to be the team with the best record of the regular season again.
The Warriors have been unstoppable in the playoffs with a perfect 12-0 record after sweeping the series against the Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spur.
In addition, the margin in each of the victories has been with an average of 16.3 first team to start 12-0 and with an average victory margin of 16.3 points, the highest in history.
Given this reality, the betting world has no doubt about the favorite team and they consider the Warriors as broad winners and favorites to get the championship title, which would be the second in three years and also against the Cavaliers.
For his part, James only referred to the Warriors as “that giant” and “a beast” after the triumph in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals that beat the Boston Celtics 4-1, where he became the highest scorer of the NBA in the playoffs after beating the legendary Michael Jordan.
James chose not to talk about the Warriors after the game, preferring to celebrate his third consecutive conference title with Cleveland and his seventh consecutive final.
The Cavaliers star also did not comment to the press on Saturday, leaving Love the unofficial spokesperson task as the sports world draws closer to a duel that seemed inevitable from the moment the championship series ended last year.
Love was asked if the Cavs wanted the Warriors as rivals.
“Love the Warriors?” she asked. “They have remained at the top, the best team in the league for the last three years. They have been super powerful. More or less we thought we would see them. They have played great this year.
“Obviously adding an MVP to a team that already has a player who has twice won the award makes them more powerful,” admitted Love. “It is difficult to say that we did not expect it; We knew they would be there, so somehow we are prepared. ”EFE
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