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Celtics don’t give up and Cavaliers don’t want to talk about NBA Finals

Celtics don’t give up and Cavaliers don’t want to talk about NBA Finals
The disadvantage that the Boston Celtics have 1-3 in the elimination of the Eastern Conference finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers does not prevent them from hoping to continue in the fight in the face of the duel that awaits them tomorrow with the fifth game.
The Celtics are aware that the only thing that is worth them to continue in the fight is victory and hence they come to the game, to be played on their TD Garden field, with the mentality that there is no tomorrow for them if they do not achieve a victory .
“That is the mentalization that we have, that of going out to our field and fighting from start to finish in search of the victory that we think we can achieve and that will keep us in the competition,” Celtics coach Brad Stevens said this afternoon . “The team already showed in Cleveland that we can compete and that is what we are going to do.”
Regardless of the loss of the Celtics’ star point guard, Isaiah Thomas, the Celtics showed in the third and fourth games of the series that they are ready for the fight and only the scoring inspiration of point guard Kyle Irving (42 points) prevented a second loss. of the Cavaliers.
Hence, the Cavaliers after having lost undefeated in the playoffs, now their objective is to secure the pass for the third consecutive season to the Finals of the NBA, but without wanting to think about them.
In fact, the only team that arrives undefeated are the Warriors (12-0) with the best record of all time, and all the Cavaliers ‘concentration should be on beating the Celtics, which according to the current champions’ coach league, Tyronn Lue, are tougher to defend than the Warriors.
The Cavaliers have no doubt that another tough fight awaits them in Game 5 as the Celtics refuse to die and be eliminated.
“Always the most difficult game is the one in which you have a chance to solve the series, and Boston will make it even more complicated,” advanced forward LeBron James, who contributed only 11 points in the third game and recovered in the fourth by scoring 34 so many.
James commented that the Cavs probably needed to face some adversity after starting the finals on a 10-0 winning streak.
The way they responded Tuesday, particularly on defense, would be a good indication of Cleveland’s prospects for winning its third consecutive East crown on Thursday.
The Celtics had 47 percent shooting from the field and 35 percent with 3s in the first half of Game 4 and up to 16 points ahead.
While Irving’s points ignited Cleveland’s comeback, it was made possible by the team’s defensive work over the final 24 minutes.
The Cavaliers limited the Celtics to 41 percent on field goals and 29 percent on 3-pointers in the second half.
“We have to play with the same defensive mentality that we showed in the first and in the second game. You have to do the usual, but we must defend ourselves, “James stressed. «We have to execute the offensive plays well. We have to lose few balls and we must try to make them fail, because some of these players tend to improve at home. This is how we will play the match ».
Everyone will be on the lookout for Irving’s left ankle, which was twisted late in the third period of the previous game, accidentally stepping on Terry Rozier, without Coach Lue defining the play as “dangerous” and “unsportsmanlike.”
The same defensive action that Rozier starred in occurred in the first game of the Western Conference finals that injured forward Kawhi Leonard when he put his foot on that of Georgian center Zaza Pachulia of the Warriors and suffered a sprained left ankle. that kept him out of the competition for the next three games.
Irving remained on the court for a moment, but finished the game and was the figure that saved the Cavaliers from seeing the series that they dispute to the best of seven tied at 2-2.
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