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‘Checo’ Pérez: “Trump is no longer heard, he is not a normal president”

‘Checo’ Pérez: “Trump is no longer heard, he is not a normal president”

Mexican Sergio Pérez (Force India) is one of the great animators of the Formula One World Championship, in which, in his seventh season in the premier class, he is seventh in the contest, the first of those who do not drive for the three great teams -Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull-, with 56 points.

In an interview with the EFE Agency that took place at the Monza circuit, venue of the Italian Grand Prix, the thirteenth of the World Cup, the Mexican talks about his relationship with his teammate Esteban Ocon, what he expects from this season, which ones they are his objectives and other matters, including offensive comments towards his country made by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, whom he does not consider “a normal president.”

At the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) press conference on Thursday, you and your French partner Esteban Ocon overshadowed World Championship leader Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) himself after starring in another incident at Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium). This situation, Does it bother you? Or was it funny?

Nerd. It bothers me, because it is not a good situation.

The important thing now is that we are already looking forward. We are working well. All the air has been cleaned and you have to keep moving forward.

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Q: The contract with your team expires this year. Your future, do you see it closer, or further from Force India?

A: It is the same as before. All this does not change anything. The important thing is that we can consolidate this fourth place in the (constructors’) championship. That is the most important thing to me.

Q: And when will there definitely be news regarding your future? In Belgium it said that it would be known in Singapore (the next Grand Prix after Italy). Will any news be announced there?

A: Yes. I hope to know already for Singapore. But I’m not in any rush either. Although it can not take long.

I think that for Singapore it should already have something signed or, at the very least, have something very clear.

Q: You have seven podiums in Formula One. When do you think your first victory will come?

A: I hope soon (laughs), I hope soon to have a car that is competitive.

Q: Here at Monza you achieved one of your best F1 results in 2012, finishing second. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

A: We can have a great weekend here, although it will depend on what happens to the cars in front, because we are not the most competitive. But I think we have good options this weekend.

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Q: At the Mexican Grand Prix he was eighth two years ago and tenth last. What do you hope to be able to do this year, again, in front of your audience, on the track in Mexico City?

A: I hope to improve on what I did last year in that race.

Q: As a Mexican, how do you feel when you hear the President of the United States, Donald Trump, speak in such a disparaging way about his country? He did it again not long ago, about the wall and all those things …

A: You can’t even hear him anymore (laughs); I don’t even know what it says anymore.

P: In other words, you don’t give it the slightest importance.

A: No, no. No.

Q: But does it seem normal to you for a president of the United States to say these things?

A: No, no. It is not normal. He is not a normal president.

Q: You have had four F1 teammates: the Japanese Kamui Kobayashi, the Englishman Jenson Button, the German Nico Hülkenberg and now the Frenchman Esteban Ocon. How would you define them?

A: I think the four of them have been quite fast partners.

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Q: Which of them do you think is the best?

A: Hülkenberg.

Q: Who will win the World Cup, Vettel or Hamilton? Or do you think there may be a third party in the race for the title?

A: No. I think it will be defined between the two of them. But I would not dare to bet on one.

Q: So you don’t have a favorite?

A: No. I don’t have a favorite.

Q: What has been the best moment of this season for you?

A: The best, Barcelona (home to the Spanish Grand Prix, where he achieved his best result of the year, a fourth).

Q: And the worst?

A: The one from Belgium (last Sunday, where he left; after starring in two new incidents with his partner Ocon)

Q: He is seventh in the World Cup and the first among those who are not in the three most powerful teams. He is satisfied? Or do you think you could go higher in the championship?

A: No. I think it can be much further ahead. We have lost a lot of points, which I hope to be able to regain in the last eight races.

Q: And what is your reasonable goal between now and the end of the season?

A: Maximize (optimize) each race. EFE

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