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Classic Yanks vrs Red Sox suspended by Covid 19 in New Yorkers

Classic Yanks vrs Red Sox suspended by Covid 19 in New Yorkers

The first meeting of the third series between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox was suspended due to a major outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) within the Bronx organization, which is why the Major League Baseball (MLB) office conduct continuous testing of players.

According to sources, today’s game at Yankee Stadium between the Red Sox and New Yorkers was postponed due to positive tests for COVID-19 within the Yankees’ travel group, where up to three players were placed on the disabled list for this situation.

The MLB office decided to suspend the meeting between the Yankees and the Red Sox to allow continuous testing and contact tracing, seeking to solve this situation and not have any more surprises with the Coronavirus.

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The Yankees earlier had placed Latino relievers Wandy Peralta and Néstor Cortes Jr. on the COVID-19 list, but it appears that the problem with the virus is slightly more significant and MLB needs to test players to prevent an outbreak. larger.

In addition, ESPN journalist Marly Rivera reported that the Yankees had some time ago reached 85% of their personnel vaccinated and still have this surprise that leads to the suspension of the game against the Red Sox in MLB 2021. (Fielding)

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