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Clayton Kershaw is back and Dodger Stadium applauded him

Clayton Kershaw is back and Dodger Stadium applauded him

There is nothing like coming home, much more if that home is Dodger Stadium and you are the legendary pitcher and next Hall of Fame Clayton Kershaw.
Since July 3, Kershaw has not started a Dodgers game after falling on the disabled list practically at the start of the 2021 MLB season.
But finally, after a long and successful recovery, the now legendary 22 of the Dodgers (and World Series champion) has returned to give us a little of the magic he has (still) in that left-hander.
Clayton’s return is central to the Dodgers’ playoff aspirations as they fight for the NL wild card with the Padres and Cardinals.

The Dodgers, who seemed at the beginning of the season that they would walk calmly towards the MLB playoffs, have complicated their ticket a lot, first because of the surprising and spectacular season of the San Francisco Giants and second because of the complications of their roster plagued by injuries (the de Kershaw among them) and the controversies of some of his players.
But hey, the southpaw is back. And with him the Dodgers are to be feared, wherever. (Fielding)

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