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Cleveland Indians change names after 105 years

Cleveland Indians change names after 105 years

The Cleveland Indians are changing their name after 105 years. Citing three people familiar with the decision, The New York Times reported that the team has stopped using a name deemed racist for decades. The Indios organization has been discussing a name change internally for months.

A team spokesman told The Associated Press that the franchise has no immediate comment on the report.

The New York Times indicated that the team could make a formal announcement later this week. It is unknown when the name change would be made or if the team has come up with a new nickname.

Cleveland’s decision to stop using the Indians name follows a similar move this year by the NFL’s Washington Football Team, which was previously known as the Redskins.

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For years, Native American groups and others have protested Cleveland’s use of the term Indians as well as other images used by the American League franchise founded in 1901. Last year, the team removed the controversial Chief’s logo. Wahoo from their caps and uniforms, but the smiling, cartoonish mascot remained popular and merchandise bearing his image continued to be sold.

The Indians have faced backlash from upset fans over the removal of Chief Wahoo’s image and the team will no doubt deal with more backlash against the decision to change the name.

In July, just hours after Washington’s plans were unveiled following pressure from multiple sponsors, including FedEx that owns the naming rights to the team’s stadium, Cleveland Indians duel Paul Dolan issued a statement announcing that the team would evaluate “the best path to take with respect to our name.” AP (HN)

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