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Cleveland Indians consider name change

Cleveland Indians consider name change

They have been known to their fans as the Cleveland Indians since 1915. But the name could come to an end.

Amid new pressure from a national movement to correct racial grievances, Indians announced Friday night that they will revise the name they have used for 105 years and have long been controversial.

“We are committed to having a positive impact on our community and to assume our responsibility for the advancement of justice and social equality,” the club said in a statement hours after the Washington Redskins announced a similar review in the NFL.

“Our organization fully recognizes that our team name is one of the most visible ways to connect with the community.”

The move is similar to that of the Redskins, who have undertaken a “comprehensive review” of their name, considered offensive by American Indian groups for decades.

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The Redskins made the decision after FedEx and other sponsors asked for the name change. That company paid $ 205 million to brand the stadium where the team plays.

An attempt has been made before to change the name of the Indians team. But after the death of George Floyd in Minnesota and other cases of police brutality against African-Americans in the country, a great national movement was born to eradicate materials related to racial insensitivity.

In 2018, the Indians removed the controversial Chief Wahoo logo from team jerseys and caps. However, Chief Wahoo’s smiling, red face continues to be found on merchandise that can be purchased at Progressive Field and other team stores in Northeast Ohio.

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Nothing is firm yet, but the Indians’ decision to at least discuss a possible name change is new. Many Cleveland fans are sure to be upset, but the team is sensitive to doing the right thing in these changing times.

“We have had regular discussions at the organization level on these issues,” the Indians said. “The recent social unrest in our community and our country only underscores the need for us to continue to improve as an organization on issues of social justice. With this in mind, we are committed to engaging our community and appropriate stakeholders in determining the best way forward when it comes to our team name. “

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“As the attention of the baseball world shifts to the excitement of an unprecedented 2020 season, we recognize our unique place in the community and are committed to listening, learning and acting in the way that we can best unite and inspire our city and all. those who support our team, “said the club.

Before the name was changed to Indians in 1915, as sportswriters consulted with their readers, the Cleveland team was nicknamed Forest Citys, Spiders, Blues, Bronchos, and Naps, the latter after Nap Lajoie. , enshrined in the Hall of Fame. AP (HN)

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