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Colombia defeats Cuba 3-2 in first half semifinal of world boxing series

Colombia defeats Cuba 3-2 in first half semifinal of world boxing series
The Colombian team of boxing “Los Heroicos” prevailed today in the town of Soledad, in the metropolitan area of ​​Barranquilla, against “Los Tamers” of Cuba (3-2) in the first part of the semifinal of the VII World Series of boxing.
In the main event, held in the 49 kg category, the silver medalist at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, the Colombian Yuberjén Martínez, defeated the 2016 youth world runner-up by unanimous decision, the Cuban Jorge Griñán.
The Colombian boxer made a demonstration of his great boxing ability by widely imposing himself, showing speed and forcefulness in the blows that easily reached the Cuban’s body.
With the victory of Martínez, who in the world series of boxing has won the five fights that it has disputed, Colombia managed to tie the tie that until that moment was 2-2.
The first fight of the night, in the 56 kg category, was starred by Javier Ibáñez, from Los Domadores, and the Dominican at the service of “Los Heroicos”, Leonel de los Santos Núñez, with victory for the second, whom the judges they saw the winner by unanimous decision.
With Argentine Roberto Severini as referee in the ring, the Dominican asserted his greater height and arms reach despite the fact that the Cuban tried at all times to attack short.
In the 64 kg category and with the British Alvin Finch as referee in the second fight of the night, the also Dominican at the service of Colombia Elvis Rodríguez fell by unanimous decision against Andy Cruz.
Despite having a smaller size, the Cuban managed to prevail thanks to a classic style based on combinations of “jabs” and hooks that the representative of “Los Heroicos” could not decipher.
Colombian Jorge Vivas won by unanimous decision in the 75 kg category against the Olympic gold medalist and world champion of boxing fan Arlen López.
It was a close match where the Cuban showed his category but could not impose his style against a Rivas who permanently closed the spaces and did not allow him to move adequately in the ring.
The former amateur world champion, the Cuban Erislandy Savón, won by split decision against the Colombian Deivis Julio Blanco, in the 91 kg category in a fight where the referee was the North American Shawn Reese.
During the fight, the Cuban fighter suffered a cut in his left superciliary arch, which was about to end the fight, but the doctors allowed him to continue and impose himself in a closed way.
The second part of the semifinal of the World Series of Boxing between Colombia and Cuba will be held on June 9 in Havana. The finals will be held on June 23 and July 1 between the winners of the Colombia-Cuba and Great Britain-Kazakhstan keys. EFE
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