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Colombian Rodrigo “Rocky” Valdez, twice world boxing champion, dies

Colombian Rodrigo “Rocky” Valdez, twice world boxing champion, dies
Former Colombian boxer Rodrigo “Rocky” Valdez, a two-time world middleweight champion, died at the age of 70 in his native Cartagena de Indias, official sources reported today.
«Cartagena and Colombia wake up with sad news. The champion Rodrigo Valdez died, an example of dignity and sporting honor, “wrote the mayor of the city, Manuel Vicente Duque, a journalist by profession and a fan of sports, on his Twitter account. boxing.
Valdez, a legend of the boxing Colombian, who was a great rival in the 70s of Argentine Carlos Monzón, died of a heart attack, according to his relatives.
Duque defined Rocky Valdez as “one of the great Colombian athletes of all history” and recalled that together with Antonio Cervantes “Kid Pambelé”, “he formed the gold duo of the boxing»National.
As a professional, Rocky Valdez made 73 fights, of which he won 63, and in 43 he prevailed by knockout, lost eight and tied two.
Valdez, born in Cartagena on December 22, 1946, debuted when he was not yet 17 years old, on October 25, 1963, in Cartagena, in a fight with Orlando Pineda.
He won his first world title from the World Council of Boxing on May 25, 1974 in Monte Carlo, and the second on November 5, 1977 in Lombardy (Italy), combats in which he had as his rival the American Bennie Briscoe.
His most memorable fights were the two with Monzón for the unification of the middleweight title of the Association and the World Council of Boxing.
The first of them was on June 26, 1976 in Monte Carlo, where Rocky Valdez and Monzón met again a year later, on July 30, 1977, and in both the Argentine won by decision of the judges.
Valdez retired on November 28, 1980 after defeating Dominican Gilberto Amonte in Bogotá.
«Each Rodrigo Valdez fight was a teaching of courage and self-love. Because of his bravery, he became one of the greats in history ”, recalled the Cartagena mayor. EFE
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