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Craig Kimbrel, fastest pitcher to 1,000 strikeouts in MLB

Craig Kimbrel, fastest pitcher to 1,000 strikeouts in MLB

Chicago White Sox reliever Craig Kimbrel hit around 1,000 strikeouts in Major League Baseball – MLB, this in his 12th season.

Through the White Sox vs Athletics game, Craig Kimbrel came out in relief of his team and with three chocolates managed to reach 1,000 strikeouts for life in the Major Leagues, a round number for this remarkable reliever.

Since his debut in 2010 with the Atlanta Braves, Kimbrel proved to be a great pitcher, one of the best relievers in MLB and today, 11 years later, he achieves a significant number in strikeouts for the pitchers of the best baseball in the world.

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Braves, Padres, Red Sox, Cubs and White Sox are the teams that this pitcher has defended and in a total of 630 games he got those chocolates, that being 613.0 innings of work, which makes him the MLB pitcher with the fastest reached that number.

Here are the strikeouts broken down:

Braves: 476 strikeouts
Padres: 87 strikeouts
Red Sox: 305 strikeouts
Cubs: 122 strikeouts
White Sox: 11 strikeouts
Craig Kimbrel has had an extremely successful career in the MLB and his strikeouts show why he is one of the most sought after, providing a lot of solidity every time he jumps out of the bullpen to relieve.

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After these 1,001 strikeouts, Kimbrel has a career MLB 2.10 ERA with a 0.95 WHIP and 371 saves. (Fielding)

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