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Cristiano Ronaldo and a scam for 288 thousand euros

Cristiano Ronaldo and a scam for 288 thousand euros

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first games in his second cycle at Manchester United are according to expectations. The attacker scored four goals in his first three meetings this season with the Red Devils and his contribution is already noticeable in Ole Solskjaer’s side.

In the middle of the great moment of CR7, the Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Notícias published a story on Wednesday in which it details that the attacker suffered a fraud to divert funds from his credit card and that the footballers Nani and Manuel were also involved. Fernandes and the representative Jorge Mendes.

According to the media, Ronaldo was charged about 200 trips that he did not make for 288 thousand euros between 2007 and 2010 by the Geostar company. Maria Silva, an agent of that company, had the job of personally serving soccer bags and other figures, so she had access to their credit cards.

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However, the travel agency employee was withdrawing the funds from the bank account until she was discovered. In 2017, the 53-year-old agent was sentenced by the Porto Court to four years of probation, in addition to financial punishment.

The company was obliged to pay in full all the money withdrawn from the accounts of CR7 and the rest of those involved. Silva, for his part, remains on probation and is paying the agency in monthly installments for the money he stole. (Bolavip)

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