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Cristiano with triplet guides Portugal to Qatar

Cristiano with triplet guides Portugal to Qatar

Portugal overwhelmed Luxembourg (5-0) with Cristiano’s hat-trick, so that the first position of Group A, which gives the direct pass to the Qatar World Cup, will be played by the Portuguese and Serbs in the last match they will play national teams in Lisbon, on November 14.

Serbia, which defeated Azerbaijan, is first with 17 points and one game more than Portugal, which is second with 16 and who, before facing Dragan Stojkovic’s team, still have to play away against Ireland on 11 November.

In Tuesday’s match, Portugal took control of the ball from the start and the first time came in minute 6, when the referee whistled a penalty on Bernardo Silva, scored by Cristiano Ronaldo to score his 113th goal with « the cinchona ». Stroke centered and up to open the can.

It was just the beginning of a meteoric start, because in the 9th minute, Cristiano starred in a start from the right, snapped, left the center-backs and the Luxembourgian goalkeeper knocked down the Portuguese crack inside the area, since he arrived late to the ball.

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Ronaldo had to throw it twice, since in the first attempt, although he did, André Silva entered the area prematurely. On the second attempt, he again launched it from the right, the goalkeeper guessed the trajectory and, although he brushed the ball, he raised the score 2-0.

Ronaldo already had a double and 114 goals in his pocket for Portugal after scoring teams from 46 different countries.

In the 17th minute, a new defensive failure by the visitors, a ball for Bernardo Silva on the right that served the gunner Bruno Fernandes, who arrived in the area to beat Moris with a cross shot.

The Portuguese fans, who had sold out 18,553 seats, went crazy at the Algarve Stadium in Lagos, before an eleven Portuguese who had left very connected, knowing that they could not play if they wanted to be the first in the group and go straight to the Qatar World Cup .

With the 3-0, Portugal put cruising speed until the rest, without pressing too much.

Earlier, in 42, Cristiano had the particular hat-trick in his boots, after an excellent move down the left by André Silva, who served for the Portuguese 7. However, Ronaldo, alone before the goalkeeper, did not finish well and the ball went into the hands of Moris.

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In the second half, Santos’ men came out with the same intensity and in minute 49, Nuno Mendes galloped down the left with a pass for Cristiano behind, although the Portuguese star finished very hard and the ball was lost through the corner line.

In 62, again the protagonist was the PSG side, who served measured for Fernandes, who could barely put the toe in front of Moris and the ball found no door.

One of the pearls of the match came in the 67th minute. Cancelo’s center for the heart of the area that Cristiano controls from behind, he places it at will and impales the Chilean to show off the visiting goalkeeper, who shot reflexes.

In the back corner, a header from Sporting de Portugal midfielder Joao Palinha.

The apotheosis came in the 85th minute, when Neves crossed from the left to finish off Cristiano Ronaldo with a header, who sealed the “little hand” and his particular hat-trick and thus added 115 goals for Portugal.

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– Data sheet:

5 – Portugal: Rui Patrício, Pepe, Ruben Dias, Nuno Mendes, Cancelo, Moutinho (João Mario, min. 64), Palinha (Neves, min. 73), Bernardo Silva (Matheus Nunes, min. 80), Bruno Fernandes (Gonçalo Guedes, min. 80), André Silva (Rafael Leao, min. 73) and Cristiano Ronaldo.

0 – Luxembourg: Anthony Moris, Laurent Jans, Maxime Chanot, Mica Pinto, Dirk Carlson, Leandro Martins, Olivier Thill (Yvandro Sanches, min. 45), Danel Sinani (Eric Veiga, min. 88), Christopher Martins, Gerson Rodrigues and Sebastien Thill (Maurice Deville, min. 45).

Goals: 1-0, min. 6: Cristiano Ronaldo; 2-0 min. 13: Cristiano Ronaldo; 3-0, min. 19: Bruno Fernandes; 4-0, min. 69: Palinha; 5-0, min. 85: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Referee: Benoît Bastien (France). He admonished Nuno Mendes and João Cancelo from Portugal, and Christopher Martins, from Luxembourg.

Incidents: Matchday 7 of Group A qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup with 18,500 fans who completed the capacity of the Algarve Stadium in the Portuguese city of Lagos. EFE (HN)

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