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Cubs release right-hander Jake Arrieta

Cubs release right-hander Jake Arrieta

Pitcher Jake Arrieta and the Chicago Cubs reached an agreement to break their ties in MLB and take new paths.

Arrieta has had one of the worst seasons of his MLB career, although many thought he would do better with his return to the Chicago Cubs, things got worse.

In about 20 starts he is 6-11 with a 6.88 ERA in 86 innings with 74 strikeouts. Arrieta has allowed 21 home runs this season, the second-most of his career.

It is evident that these paths are not going to join anymore, it was very unlikely that it would happen before the 2021 season, now that it went badly, things get even more complicated.

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Jake Arrieta is a one-time Cy Young and two-time all-star, likely to land a minor league contract for the rest of the season on one of those teams that are not in competition for the playoffs in MLB 2021.

Prior to this season, the New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals and San Diego Padres showed interest in Arrieta’s services when his contract expired with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Without a doubt, from 2014 to 2017 were the golden ages of Jake Arrieta in the MLB, he was a silver bat, an all-star game, Cy Young and a candidate for MVP. (Fielding)

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