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D-backs break road loss record

D-backs break road loss record

The goal for Thursday, in the final game of the series against the Diamondbacks against the Giants at Oracle Park, was the same for every game: Win. But the Arizona players knew what was at stake. They wanted to avoid the story. If they lost, they were alone. It was the last chance.

With the passing of the meeting, reality began to sink in. There was no miraculous comeback. They couldn’t recover from a six-race deficit. No, Arizona couldn’t escape history.

With their 23rd straight road loss, falling 10-3 at San Francisco, the D-backs surpassed the mark of the 1943 Philadelphia Athletics and 1963 Mets for the most consecutive setbacks on the road.

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At some point, the D-backs will win again on the road. This streak will end. But until then, the D-backs are happy to be back at Chase Field on Friday. (MLB in Spanish)

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