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‘Da Bomb’ wins a world boxing title

Chicago boxing needed a world title and Donovan George gave it to them last Saturday at US Cellular Field, the home of the White Sox, with a unanimous decision win over Dyah Davis, son of former Olympic champion Howard Davis, in the main fight of the evening entitled ‘B96 Boxing at the Ballpark’.
“This is the greatest day of my life. I thought that maybe I would win some regional title or something like that but I never imagined that I could win a world crown, “said ‘Da Bomb’ George with tears in his eyes moments after his victory at US Cellular Field. “I went to jail once and I was a loser but now I’m here and I’m a world champion,” detailed
He had been a loser three times in his last seven fights and had gone to jail – for six months – several years ago for a case of sexual abuse with a member of his family. And the career of “Da Bomb” George seemed to have a constant in recent years: pulverized second-tier rivals and declined when it came to taking the big leap, in elimination bouts for world titles.
From March 2012 to the middle of last year, George had to face the best of the super middleweight. He fell to Edwin Rodríguez (20-0 at the time), then to brutal Canadian-based Haitian knocker Adonis Stevenson (then 18-1), in an eliminatory bout for the IBF title, and finally against Caleb Truex (at that point with a 21-1-1 record).

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