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Dani Carvajal changes his diet to avoid injuries

Dani Carvajal changes his diet to avoid injuries

The continuous injuries that have diminished Dani Carvajal in the last season at Real Madrid and have deprived him of playing major tournaments with the Spanish team, have caused a change in everything he can control, among other things, his diet to avoid muscle problems .

“As if I have to eat broccoli morning, noon and night,” said Carvajal, who was desperate to link so many muscle injuries. «Looking for causes, there are nutritional aspects that I have had to do without. I have a much stricter diet, without gluten or wheat and that is good for me ».

In his worst moments, Carvajal analyzed all his day to day to try to change aspects that help him improve and not fall into continuous injuries. «I have tried to make a global calculation of everything and to be closing doors in things that can cause an injury, in the way to manage training, the way to rest, that each area contributes its bit to avoid injuries. Honestly, I feel very well, it is true that the coach has been dosing me for the last two weeks since I returned to the Camp Nou ».

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After linking several games, the Real Madrid side recognizes that he is at his best and dreams of returning to the Spanish team. «I am one hundred percent even though the doctors tell me many times that I am not, I am in a position to compete and to be able to go to the national team I would love to. It is a tremendous pride to wear the red and I have not been able to go for a long time due to the misfortunes of the injuries but I hope I can help in the two finals that we have to be in Qatar ».

«I want to demonstrate, to return to my highest level and for that I am working. Try with good games and training to be at the top. Practically I am already the head, it has been the most complicated part, it is the one that controls everything and assuming and trying to find the cause of a negative period with injuries has been my greatest precaution. To this day I feel very well, clean in the head, eager and sure that with a positive mindset everything goes well, “he said. EFE (HN)

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