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Dave Roberts upset with Albert Pujols signing

Dave Roberts upset with Albert Pujols signing

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is unhappy with Albert Pujols joining the MLB team.

The arrival of Pujols to the Dodgers was a great surprise for the world of baseball, many are still dying to hear the opinions of any other player on the team when they host the 3-time MLB MVP.

However, the main head of the team that is Dave Roberts, the manager, said absolutely nothing about the arrival of Pujols despite the questions he was asked, in addition, he said that he can beat Albert Pujols in a race.

Although his performance is not the same as before, Roberts should be happy to have a 3-time MVP, 2-time World Series champion, 10-time All-Star, 2-time Gold Glove, winner of a batting title and Championship Series MVP in the dugout available for any at-bat and as a “semi-coach” to the rest of the team.

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Pujols is expected to hit 700 home runs soon and, incidentally, choose to win another world series with one of the teams with the highest odds of doing so. (Fielding) (GG)

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