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Davis scores 59 points, the best mark in the NBA

Power forward Anthony Davis, of the New Orleans Pelicans, stood out in individual play by setting new records in the NBA after scoring 59 points on Sunday.
While the Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto Raptors, Portland Trail Blazers and Charlotte Hornets extended their respective winning streaks.
Davis set a franchise record by contributing a double-double of 59 points and 20 rebounds for the visiting Pelicans, who defeated the Detroit Pistons 106-111.
The star power forward of the Pelicans led the attack in 43 minutes of play by making 24 of 34 shots from the field, was perfect in the triples with 2 of 2 and made 9 of 10 free throws.
The previous record for the Pelicans was the 50 points that forward Jamal Mashburn scored 13 years ago against the Memphis Grizzlies.
Davis also set a scoring record at Detroit’s Palace of Auburn Hills by topping forward LeBron James’ 48 points in the Eastern Conference finals on June 1, 2007.
Davis joined centers Shaquille O’Neal and Chris Webber as the only NBA players to have at least 50 points and 20 rebounds in a game since 1983.
The Pelicans (22-33) got their second consecutive victory, but remain at the bottom of the Southwest Division.
While the Pistons (27-29) reached five straight losses and are penultimate in the Central Division.
Power forward Kevin Love scored 29 points and led the visiting Cavaliers to their fifth straight victory by defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder (92-115).
In a duel of division-leading teams, the Cavaliers (40-14) reached five consecutive wins and eight in the last 10 games, consolidating themselves with the best record in the Eastern Conference and leading the Central Division.
The Thunder (40-15), who had their best scorer in forward Kevin Durant, lost two in a row but remain at the top of the Northwest Division.
Shooting guard DeMar DeRozan got 21 points and led the Raptors to a 98-85 away win against the Memphis Grizzlies, who this time did miss the absence of Spanish center Marc Gasol, who suffers from a fracture in his right foot .
With their victory, the seventh in the last 10 games, the Raptors leave their mark at 36-18 and remain leaders in the Atlantic Division.
On offense, All-Star point guard Kyle Lowry had 18 points for the Raptors, who posted their eighth straight win at home at the Air Canada Center in Toronto.
The Grizzlies (32-23), who remain second in the Southwest Division, had power forward Zach Randolph as their leading scorer after contributing 18 points and six rebounds.
Australian reserve point guard Patty Mills scored 21 points and equaled his best mark in triples, with six, and led the victory as visitors that the San Antonio Spurs achieved by beating the Phoenix Suns 111-118, who added 11 straight losses .
The Spurs (47-9) reached two consecutive victories and remain leaders in the Southwest Division.
In turn, the Suns (14-42) have the longest losing streak in the league, with 26 losses in the last 28 games.
Shooting guard CJ McCollum contributed 31 points as the leader in the attack of the Trail Blazers, who defeated the Utah Jazz 115-111, in the duel for second place in the Northwest Division.
The Trail Blazers (29-27) added five consecutive victories and remain in second place in the standings, where the Thunder are the outstanding leaders.
The Jazz (27-28), third in the Northwest Division, had power forward Derrick Favors as their leading scorer, who contributed 22 points.
Point guard Kemba Walker scored 28 points as the attacking director for the visiting Hornets, who beat the Brooklyn Nets 96-104 (15-41), who lost the seventh game in the last 10 games played.
The Hornets (29-26) reached five consecutive wins and four in a row away from home and are third in the Southeast Division, just two games behind the leaders Heat and one behind the second-placed Atlanta Hawks.
Shooting guard Monta Ellis had 21 points and forward Paul George added 20 in the victory of the visiting Indiana Pacers, who beat the Orlando Magic 102-105.
The Pacers (30-25) added two consecutive victories and remain in second place in the Central Division.
Point guard Isaiah Thomas contributed a double-double of 22 points and 12 assists that helped the Boston Celtics beat the Denver Nuggets 101-121 at home, who suffered their second consecutive loss.
The Celtics (33-24), with their seventh win in the last 10 games, remain second in the Atlantic Division.
Shooting guard Wesley Matthews scored 21 points in the Dallas Mavericks’ 129-103 win over the Philadelphia Sixers (8-47), who went on to lose four in a row.
With their fourth victory in the last 10 games, the Mavericks (30-27) remain third in the Southwest Division. EFE

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