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Del Potro underwent his third operation on his left wrist

Argentine tennis player Juan Martín del Potro underwent a new operation on his left wrist today at a clinic in the United States, as confirmed by his press team.

Del Potro, 26, had announced that he was going to undergo the operation and added new questions to his future, after problems with his wrist kept him away from the courts for most of the 2014 season.

“Several doctors recommend me to do another surgery. With all the pain it causes me, the frustration it means for me (…) I have decided to cheer up and put the body back to enter an operating room. Hopefully it will be the definitive solution, ”said the former number four in the world this week in a video message broadcast through social networks.

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The operation he underwent was the third on his left wrist, it will keep him out of competition for at least three or four months and could leave him out of the circuit for the rest of 2015.

“I don’t want to fight with tennis, I don’t want to come to hate this sport and I prefer to take whatever time it takes and start recovering as a person and leave aside the tennis player and the player,” he said in this week’s message, in relation to what he felt after the Miami tournament, in March, when he returned to play after his second operation on his left wrist.

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«This last time, since the tournament in Miami, I have spent difficult weeks and months (…) I do not give up, I do not give up, and during this time I was looking for alternatives to the injury. If I can’t stop doing something, it’s fighting for what I love most, which is playing tennis,” he said.

The tennis player, currently ranked 578th in the ranking, had to spend practically the entire 2010 season in white due to an operation on the other wrist, the right one.

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