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Dennis Rodman, surprised to be alive at 60

Dennis Rodman, surprised to be alive at 60

We are not introducing Dennis Rodman. We all know his eccentricities and how unique his balance between basketball and personal life was (we also saw it in The Last Dance). In his hand there are five NBA champion rings, but also moments or situations in which taking care of himself was perhaps not the priority. Perhaps for this reason, in a recent interview he spoke of the fact of having turned 60, something that directly surprises him that it has come to pass.

“I am surprised to be still here because many people thought I would be dead at 40, 45, 50 or 55 years old. I turned 60 and I’m like, ‘wow, I’m still here.’ Someone has a hand on my shoulder saying that I have a long way to go while doing something for people around the world, “he said.

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Rodman is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic players the American league has produced. His parties are well known, his taste for changing hair color and even that day he married himself a wedding dress. He was a boy whose tough childhood and adolescence hardened into the person we knew, who we can get closer to through the documentary Rodman: For Better or Worse.

Although some might have branded him off-center or unprofessional under the canons established at the time, the truth is that his peers have rarely raised their hands to criticize him. In both Detroit and Chicago, he perfectly fulfilled his role, which was key to achieving up to five rings. (NBA Maniacs)

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