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Dennis Schroder is not satisfied with his role in the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers player Dennis Schroder confessed that he is not comfortable with his role in his team on the court in the NBA.

There is a lot to unpack here. In particular: I’m not sure anyone outside of Dennis Schroder believes that Dennis Schroder should be paid for like an NBA rookie. I mean, it’s not exactly Chris Paul or anything like that.

That said, the promise of the Los Angeles Lakers can hold its own in these playoffs even if it helps the Lakers return to the NBA Finals.

Other than that, having an average of 34% from three and only 44% from the field is not exactly the kind of numbers that almost always come out in the NBA as a result of men getting the best price for their work.

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It’s also missing the “marquee franchise” part, as if Purple and Gold weren’t the literally broadest and most marquee franchise in the NBA. Assuming the report is true, everything is a bit crazy. (Fielding) (GG)

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