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Dennis Schroder to Los Angeles Lakers

Dennis Schroder to Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to get the German point guard Dennis Schröder in exchange for his first round of the draft (number 28) and Danny Green, who would go to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

A movement that in principle will become official after Wednesday’s draft, in which the Lakers will choose on behalf of the Thunder a player who will end up in the Oklahoma franchise (the Lakers have already transferred their first round of 2019 and cannot transfer their first round two years in a row, but yes to the player they select).

Last season, Schroder, a 27-year-old, 1.85 m point guard, averaged 19 points, 3.6 rebounds and 4 assists with the Oklahoma City Thunder coming off the bench (he only started 2 of the 65 games he played).

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What do the Lakers get?

For the reigning champion it is an interesting move in which they manage to add a level exterior to the possible loss of Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo. A scorer who has also made progress in the outside shot (41% correct in 273 triples taken in catch-and-shoot in 2020/2021).

To give you an idea, it is a better percentage than that shown by Danny Green in these types of launches, who signed 36% (Data: Kirk Goldsberry). In addition, Schröder has shown in several recent moments of his career to be a good external defender and his contract is reasonable in salary: 15.5 million for one season, which does not imply any salary burden in the medium term unless they voluntarily want to negotiate with him a renewal.

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Of course, they lose a larger outside defender like Danny Green, usually paired with rival outsiders, and they will have to look for a similar profile in the market (and it will not be easy). And it is necessary to see if the arrival of Schroder supposes the confirmation of the goodbye of Rajon Rondo and if the German is able to give a similar level in playoffs.

What do the Thunder get?

One more first round of the draft (the Lakers’ 28th) and a player like Danny Green who could enter a new trade for two reasons: he has a large and expiring contract (1 season for 15.3 million dollars) and for her profile fits perfectly and can be interesting to many ring hopefuls.

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In this way, they get more assets in exchange for a player like Schroder who, we deduce, did not enter into the long-term plans of the franchise (his contract was also ending this season) and accumulates a total of 16 first rounds between the 2020 drafts and 2026, a real outrage and more if we consider that with players like Chris Paul or Danny Green they could still get some more.

For now, for this Wednesday, they have the 25th and 28th election and clear the way for their great foreign bet: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. (GG) (Basket Giant)

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