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Desperate move? Clayton Kershaw on 60-day injured list

Desperate move?  Clayton Kershaw on 60-day injured list

Will Clayton Kershaw’s return to the Dodgers in 2021 complicate? Is there something that has not been said about your injury? Keep reading and you will have your answers here.

On July 7, Clayton Kershaw was placed on the 10-day disabled list. At that time rumor even spread that it could be a resource from Dave Roberts and Management to give him a few days off in the middle of the season.

It was clear that in the midst of all the Trevor Bauer trauma you couldn’t randomly do without your first starter. There was a true quota after the injury, which time has unfortunately been commissioned to confirm severely.

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His last outing was on July 3. He pitched just 51 pitches against the Washington Nationals in the United States Capital. That day he allowed three touchdowns in four innings and was the second shortest of the entire season.

Clayton, upon reaching the All Star Break, was 9-7 with a 3.39 ERA and a spectacular 0.978 Whip. His season had been interesting.

Now Clayton has gone through the announcement of his return to pass the All-Star Game, then to throw simulated games and evaluate to, at the last date, resume his position on August 7 against the Angels.

If Dave were the batter and chance was his opponent, he’d already be struck out. A residual annoyance felt in a simulated game released in San Francisco wiped out all plans.

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Right now there is only talk that, like Tony Gonsolin, he is inactive waiting for the pain to pass to start a rehabilitation process. The dates remain in doubt.

Clayton’s move to the 60-day disabled list was sung. If not today it would have to be tomorrow to make room for Corey Knebel on the roster of 40 and activate him again.

It does not imply additional complexity to your injury. Since he was placed on the disabled list on July 7, as close as September 7, he will be available to return. And that meets the most repeated forecast for his early / mid-September comeback.

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Actually, the Dodgers need his arm to get into October in better position, but I think that walking in deep water (playoffs) without him will be much more complex. Calm must prevail and the important thing really is that the left-hander returns to 100% capacity.

Clayton must return to the Dodgers and will surely guide them with his arm well into October. Unless another rooster crows! (Fielding)

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