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Detroit Tigers prepare tribute in style to Miguel Cabrera

Detroit Tigers prepare tribute in style to Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera is synonymous with power in Major League Baseball (MLB), but also with sheer effort, perseverance and dedication. Many years of his career have been dedicated to the Detroit Tigers with the intention of providing great moments.

The Venezuelan recently reached 500 home runs in the majors, taking a load off his shoulders and securing big numbers to enter the Coperswton Hall of Fame. Now 3,000 hits look like the next target.

These numbers make Cabrera one of the most lethal hitters that has passed through the American diamonds, the Detroit Tigers knows it perfectly and therefore plans to perform a tribute in style to “Miggy.”

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Miguel Cabrera’s day

Next Friday, September 24, the Detroit Tigers will face the Kansas City Royals, and prior to the meeting, the Michigan Tigers will honor Miguel Cabrera. His family will be present at the moment of the Venezuelan on the ground at Comerica Park.

The reason for the tribute is due to the 500 full-lap hits he hit in Las Mayores. On the other hand, there will be surprises, as the first 1,000 fans to arrive at the stadium will receive a cover featuring the Venezuelan crushing the tree in his 500 home run. (Bolavip)

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