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Did Teofimo López reject the flag of Honduras?

Did Teofimo López reject the flag of Honduras?

Honduran-American boxer Teófimo López, beat Finnish Edis “Príncipe” Tatli without problems on Saturday night, knocking him out in the fifth round.

The contest where the 21-year-old boxer reached 13 fights undefeated was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, United States.

But after the boxer’s celebration, it was observed that the Honduran flag was being passed to him from his corner and, with a gesture of rejection, he refused to take it.

Not taking the national symbol has caused discomfort in Hondurans who were attentive to the young man’s fight and are now criticizing him on social networks.

For the moment, López has not clarified the reason for not posing with the Honduran flag, but in his words he sent a greeting to Mexico, Honduras and all of Latin America.

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Teófimo Andrés López Rivera was born in Brooklyn, New York and his parents are of Honduran nationality, the boxer represented Honduras in the last Olympic Games in Rio 2016 and now he seeks with all to be the world champion of light weights.

Here is the video that has sparked controversy:

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