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Diego Latorre suffered death threats after commenting on the elimination of River Plate

Diego Latorre suffered death threats after commenting on the elimination of River Plate

Violence can take many forms. Despite the lack of public and the security measures that are established for journalists who broadcast the games in stadiums, misfit fans manage to take center stage in spheres completely alien to the stages where the commitments are developed.

In the last hours Diego Latorre suffered death threats and the commentator of the game that Palmeiras and River encouraged in Brazil decided to publish the messages he received.

“Your mother’s shell, stop being so bostero when River plays, you always do the same son of a bitch, if you don’t cut it back you get shot, you piece of cuckold”, was the first text that the former footballer showed on his account from Twitter, with a phrase in which he appealed to irony: “Today I am a bostero. After tonight I can be a chicken “… And in the same post he showed the second:” I know. You live in the country of Pilar with your family. We have you re-booked. You better not comment on River’s games any more because I put it right on your forehead, you son of a bitch ”.

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In addition, a few moments later he received another message from another user that said “Bostero and your old woman’s shell.”

The analyst, with a past as a Boca and Racing player, among other teams, is one of the most recognized journalists and in his new role he has established himself together with Mariano Closs in the transmission of the games on the ESPN screen.

What is striking is that Diego Latorre exposed his objectivity by ensuring that “Palmeiras did not deserve to reach the final, because River intimidated him.” “Team by team, taking off the shirts, I say that Palmeiras does not deserve to be in the final. He was widely outclassed in both games. Palmeiras was a totally unbalanced team. In the middle of the court there was no containment net and River surpassed it widely. It reminded me of the match between Boca and Racing that was played at La Bombonera ”, Gambetita slipped in her final analysis when the sports signal dedicated a space to the post-match in the cycle led by Sebastián Vignolo.

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Gallardo’s team long deserved qualification for the final of the Copa Libertadores against a very tepid Brazilian team, which they beat 2-0 after falling 3-0 in the first leg, but which they could eliminate if the VAR had not intervened. to distort the original decisions of the Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojich, who had validated a goal by Gonzalo Montiel and charged Matías Suárez a penalty that had been deposited at the Maracaná on January 30. (GG) (Infobae)

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