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Diet with which Lukaku found his best form and became the most expensive signing in history

Diet with which Lukaku found his best form and became the most expensive signing in history

Romelu Lukaku changed his habits at Inter Milan and that allowed Chelsea to buy him for one of the largest figures in history.

This week it was confirmed that Romelu Lukaku will have a second chance at Chelsea after 9 years. The Belgian forward was bought by the London club for 115 million euros and returns to the Premier League after a great stint at Inter Milan.

The 28-year-old Lukaku is coming off two excellent seasons in Italian football, in which he managed to establish himself in Serie A, scoring 64 goals in 95 games in the two seasons with the Nerazzurri shirt. The form of the attacker surprised and that was why they paid such a figure for him.

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In the ESPN and Telegraph media, the Belgian national explained how he managed to lose 10 kilos that he brought from his time at Manchester United and at the beginning of his time in Italy, which now allows him to perform like never before in his life. “Normally I have a good digestive system, it has been like that all my life, but the nutritionist told me that it had stopped working,” said the scorer.

And then he went on to detail what changes he had to make to get back into optimal shape: “My diet consists of salads for lunch, lots of chicken breasts, and shirataki pasta.” He said he eliminated potatoes, fried food and alcohol and thus lost a little more than three kilos in 12 days.

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“Since I joined Inter I have changed my diet and I can say that I have never felt so strong. Since I adopted this lifestyle I feel better on the court, with more reaction and faster. I always felt like an explosive player, but Italy took me to another level, physically and mentally ”, Lukaku explained about the results he obtained with the new habits.

Thus, Chelsea disbursed 115 million euros, the largest sum in the club’s history, and will give him a new opportunity after passing in the 2011-2012 season, in which he played 12 games and scored no goals. His transfer is the eighth most expensive in history, with Neymar’s to PSG being the most expensive, with 222 million euros. (Bolavip)

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