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Djokovic and Murray, towel thieves at Wimbledon

Djokovic and Murray, towel thieves at Wimbledon

The constant rains, which have forced several days to be delayed and suspended, are not the main concern of the Wimbledon organizers. What currently most attracts his attention is the increase in the theft of official towels of the contest.

For each edition of Wimbledon, about 6,000 official towels are manufactured, of which only 20% are expected to be recovered. This is because most tennis players, both male and female, deliberately carry items in their bags.

Among those targeted by the missing are some of the most recognized players, such as Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Serena Williams.

“In advance, I plan to leave half my bag empty or even a whole one unused for the towels that I take from Wimbledon,” said Djokovic, the number one in the ATP world, in a statement collected by The Telegraph newspaper. .

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For his part, Murray admitted that he takes the items to give them to his wife or friends. “I usually take one a day to give to someone on my team. I don’t keep them. But my wife likes them. I think they are very good quality towels, “added the Briton.

Murray admitted that he takes the items to give them away among his acquaintances (AFP)

Murray admitted that he takes the items to give them away among his acquaintances (AFP)

Serena, the number one among women, is considered by the organization as “a legend” when it comes to the theft of towels. Her sister, Venus, has admitted: “I have many at home, I have kept them since 1997. I have some of the men, too. You can have a barter program, a black market for towels. ‘

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The stolen towel scandal became public at Wimbledon after the practice spread to youth as well. Given this, the organization decided to give them some common items, in white, and not those with the logo of the London event.

“For many years, juniors had a competition to see how many (towels) they could get. Our policy now is that, if they ask for another, we give them a white one and they don’t ask for any more ”, explained George Spring, in charge of the organization of the fields in the tournament.

The official of the event has specified that there is no limit of towels per game for each player. This seems to be the reason why, despite the huge prize money that Wimbledon gives, tennis players have taken it as a nice souvenir.

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The towels that are returned are washed and sold for charity at the end of the tournament.

Serena Williams is known as

Serena Williams is known as “a legend” of the theft of towels (AFP)

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