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Djokovic donates one million euros against coronavirus in Serbia

Djokovic donates one million euros against coronavirus in Serbia

The world tennis number one, Novak Djokovic, announced that he made a donation of one million euros to Serbia to help his country in the fight against the new coronavirus.

“Our donation is for the purchase of respirators that are essential to save lives and the purchase of other sanitary equipment,” said Djokovic in a video conference organized by his spokesmen in Belgrade.

‘Nole’, who has his residence fixed in Monaco, is currently with his family in Marbella (Spain), respecting the isolation measures decreed by the authorities of that country.

His stay in Spain is due to a “simple chance”, said the spokesmen.

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The 32-year-old world tennis number one said he was struggling to keep his “positive mood” in the face of the pandemic and was enjoying at least spending more time with his family.

“Soon I will spread the physical exercises that I practice in our apartment on social networks,” he announced.

“I do not remember, since I became a father, spending so much time with my family,” added Djokovic, who did not speak about anything directly related to tennis.

Among the activities he does to pass the time in this confinement is reading a book on “the history of the Serbs.” His wife Jelena is reading Gandhi’s autobiography.

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Novak Djokovic thanked China for its help to Serbia, a country in which 460 coronavirus infections have been registered, with a balance so far of seven deaths.

“I thank China with all my heart, on behalf of myself and the entire nation,” he said.

Beijing has sent to Serbia a team of specialists tasked with advising the authorities on the measures to take to fight the pandemic, as well as three planes full of medical supplies. afp

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