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Djokovic talks about controversial topics to share his experience

Djokovic talks about controversial topics to share his experience

Novak Djokovic, world tennis number one, says that when he talks about topics that intrigue the public, such as food and others, he only wants to share his experiences and not impose opinions and positions on other people.

“I always try to present things in a way that reassures me, I don’t say ‘you have to eat that, drink that, think that way.’ I just share my experience and point of view, and if people can see something useful from it, that’s fine, “says the Serbian tennis player on a podcast, quoted this Tuesday by the press in Belgrade.

In this sense, Djokovic, 33 years old, emphasizes that he does not like that some media take his statements out of context “as if they were doing it on purpose.”

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«Someone is going to say: why do you go where it is not your place? I do it because I feel like I have to. If anyone is offended, I apologize publicly, “says Djokovic on the podcast, although he also assures that he receives many positive reactions.

Djokovic’s diet or his doubts about the possibility of getting vaccinated against the coronavirus have caused a stir in the international press.

The Serbian points out that as an outstanding athlete he is “in a privileged position to be able to say something and that it has its echo.”

His intention is to spread and share with his followers on social networks the values ​​he advocates, among them, in addition to sports, also physical and mental health, and education, especially of children.

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Djokovic is organizing a charity tennis tournament for humanitarian organizations starting this weekend.

The “Adria Tour” will begin in Belgrade this Saturday, will go to Croatia (Zadar, days 20 and 21), and is expected to continue then through Montenegro (days 27 and 28), and conclude in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Banja Luka, days July 3 and 4, and Sarajevo, July 5).

World tennis stars such as Austrian Dominic Thiem (world number 3), German Alexander Zverev (7), Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov (19) and Croatian Borna Coric (33) have announced their participation. EFE (HN)

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