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Dodgers honored at the White House

Dodgers honored at the White House

To close a season shortened by the covid-19 pandemic, the Dodgers beat Tampa Bay by four games to two in a final held at a neutral venue in Texas, the Los Angeles club’s first title since 1988.

“Today we celebrate his incredible achievement,” Biden told the players. “This is a world champion organization because it has a team full of guys who stepped up when called upon.”

The Dodgers finished the season with 43 wins and 17 losses, the best record in the league since 1954.

Think about it. Winning Baseball Club Since 1954, ”Biden said. “It takes an entire team to persevere through one of the most challenging seasons, one of the most challenging years, in our nation’s history.”

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“The pandemic, when it struck, wiped out almost everything. Every part of American life. Families mourned the loss of their loved ones. The economy collapsed. And the pain and fear in the nation were immeasurable, “the president described.

“When the season started, it was easy to feel that there were more important things to worry about than sports. Of course, we did. We still have them, but I think what we discovered is that we need sport more than we ever imagined, “he said.

“Sport unites us to heal, to help us feel that things are going to be okay, that they are going to get better,” stressed Biden. (AFP)

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