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Dodgers surprise Joc Pederson with World Series ring

Dodgers surprise Joc Pederson with World Series ring

Joc Pederson spent six years with the Los Angeles Dodgers, culminating in the World Series Championship in 2020.
He signed with the Chicago Cubs in the offseason and was unable to be featured for the Dodgers ring ceremony and the raising of the banner in April.
But when the Cubs traveled to LA on Thursday it was a night to remember. Chicago threw a team no-hitter and Pederson was finally able to share the spree with his former teammates. He received his first ring, but he was not the only Pederson brother to return home with some new jewelry.
The Dodgers also had a ring for Champ Pederson, Joc’s older brother with Down syndrome who had been included in various activities with LA.
Through the years. Champ threw the first pitch, to Joc, on his brother’s bobblehead night.
Champ and Joc are the closest the Brothers are, so it was only fitting that the Dodgers made a ring for their honorary teammate. Champ had been on the road long before LA won the World Series.
“Just before I could take in how surreal the moment was, I saw my brother Champ across the room. Glasses on. Pouring champagne is his head along with the guys, “Joc wrote in a 2016 article for The Players’ Tribune.
“Of course he’s not a player, but it was natural to see Champ there. Our Executive Vice President, Lon Rosen, did his best to find the champion and bring him to the locker room.
Joc detailed how Champ has done everything with him and that he is always hanging out in the locker room before games, meeting his brother’s teammates.
Clearly, Champ had become enough of a part of the Dodgers team that they felt he earned a taste of the World Series Celebration.
The champion had no qualms about showing off his ring during a television interview, saying that he is very proud to have received one from the Dodgers.
He had no idea that when he showed up to watch his brother’s new team play the old one, he would go home with a championship ring on his finger. The glitter is certainly cool, but for Champ, it’s always been about supporting Joc.

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