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Dodgers will give “preferential treatment” to Kershaw

Dodgers will give “preferential treatment” to Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw has had a season to forget. Not counting his rookie season and 2020 shortened season, the veteran left-handed pitcher had the fewest innings pitched of his career for his team’s 162 games in the regular season.

It is also valid to highlight that it is a trend, because after 2015 the legendary K22 of the Dodgers has not passed the red line of 180 innings. As additional data, the 2022 season saw him file his worst ERA (not counting 2008 when he started in the Big Top) with 3.55 and it is only the second time since 2009 that his ERA is higher than 3.00 earned runs per game.

However, Clayton Kershaw, 33 years old and still with great potential for above-average returns, has already reserved a space in Cooperstown. He has been MVP, three times Cy Young, winner of the Triple Crown of pitching, eight times selected to the All Star, a Gold Glove, five times winner of the ERA title and champion of the 2020 World Series. But the most important thing is that his plate has a lot to write yet.

At the close of the World Series between Astros and Braves, Kershaw will become a free agent. When Friedman was asked if Clayton Kershaw would have preferential treatment, he showed respect for everything the player has done, his history and also what he can still do.

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“I think that it is fair. Obviously he is important for this organization, for this city. The defining thing will be his point of view and what is important to him and his family ”.

Then he said, “In taking off my COO suit there is something very nostalgic about Kershaw playing for another team, winning another championship and having his parade.”

The door has been left wide open. At another time Friedman said that everything is available for negotiation at any time, even though he knows that many will prefer to wait for the new agreement to be able to have a more complete picture of the panorama. (Fielding)

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