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Dodgers win back Cody Bellinger, lose Albert Pujols

Dodgers win back Cody Bellinger, lose Albert Pujols

The Los Angeles Dodgers activated Cody Bellinger on Tuesday, but in turn, they sent veteran Albert Pujols to the 10-day disabled list in MLB 2021.

A few days ago a report came out that indicated that Bellinger had a broken rib, but it was not something from another world, thanks to a good rest, massages and treatment, he managed to return to the field earlier than expected. Cody has played three simulated games and has done quite well.

Cody Bellinger is going through the worst season of his career in the majors, he seeks to be healthy to help his team in the playoffs, if there he solves with the wood then said “lousy” season could be forgotten.

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Belllinger will come off the bench with the Dodgers, in the outfield will be Gavin Lux, AJ Pollock and Mookie Betts.

The reason why Albert Pujols was put on the disabled list because he received the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine and it has side effects that leaves Pujols out for the rest of the regular season because in less than 10 days the end of the season regular season.

The Los Angeles Dodgers begin a series against the San Diego Padres this Tuesday, it will be more for Bellinger to take the rhythm, since they are already classified to the wild card so far, but they seek to win the division, they are two games away from the San Francisco Giants with six games left on the schedule. (Al Bat)

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