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Dodgers would have to pay more than $ 80 million to Trevor Bauer even if he doesn’t play anymore

Dodgers would have to pay more than $ 80 million to Trevor Bauer even if he doesn’t play anymore

The possibility that Trevor Bauer will not pitch again in the majors is increasingly latent. The stellar pitcher faces an investigation for an alleged case of domestic violence and from now on several sources linked to Major League Baseball give it as a fact that he will be sanctioned in an exemplary way.
As ESPN reporter Jeff Passan recently revealed, the Los Angeles Dodgers star could receive a major punishment from the MLB that takes him away from the playing diamonds entirely, but beyond a lengthy suspension the 30-year-old pitcher You can face rejection from teams that might not want to be related to you.
However, and although at a sporting level things seem to be quite complicated for the winner of the Cy Young of the American League in 2020, at an economic level it could still have some air, since according to Passan, the ninth of Los Angeles still he would have to pay a large sum to the stellar pitcher so he doesn’t fly up the hill.
What is the Bauer contract like?
According to Jeff Passan, Trevor Bauer signed in February as a free agent a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers for three seasons and 102 million dollars, of which in 2021 the pitcher should collect about 38 million between bonuses and salaries. At the moment he has received 18 of that figure and the rest would have to receive it before September 30.
Since it is speculated that the sanction that the MLB evaluates for Bauer could be between one or two years and be on administrative leave indefinitely, the next two seasons of his contract would still be pending in which he would have to collect 32 million in each of them, although by 2023 the player has the option of becoming a free agent.
For now, we have to wait to finally know what the final decision of the Major Leagues about the pitcher will be and what will be his response to the imminent punishment, since a significant sum of money is at stake. (Bolavip)

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