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Dominican Nelson Cruz winner of the Roberto Clemente award

Dominican Nelson Cruz winner of the Roberto Clemente award

Nelson Cruz of the Tampa Rays has been named as the winner of the MLB Roberto Clemente award.

The Roberto Clemente award is given to the player who creates a good spirit and helps community members, Nelson Cruz is not only tough on the field, but off it as well.

Venezuelans Miguel Cabrera, Salvador Pérez, David Peralta, Miguel Rojas, among other players, were also nominated for this award.

The works and gestures of Nelson Cruz are not only in the United States, but in his hometown and other parts of the Dominican Republic, although he is not one of those who has earned the most money in the MLB of Latinos, he always lives helping people.

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It should be noted that Cruz is also a finalist for the silver bat among the designated hitters.

Cruz numbers this season

Starting off by recalling that he was an all-star for the seventh time in his career, he hit .265 in about 140 regular season games with 32 homers and 86 RBIs, an OBP of .334, .497 SLUG and an OPS of. 832. (Fielding)

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