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Don Mattingly returns with the Marlins

Don Mattingly returns with the Marlins

Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly is back with the team, two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19.

Mattingly, 60, who was vaccinated in April, returned Friday for the first of a three-game home series against the Chicago Cubs.

“It feels good to be back. It’s a bit different watching the games on television. I see many different things. But that becomes obsolete fast. Once you start to feel good, like in the last eight days, you think, OK, come on, I’m ready to go back, ”said Mattingly.

He commented that he had “felt something” during the game against the New York Yankees on July 30. The next morning he took his temperature and noticed a slight fever. It was when he opted to get tested for COVID-19. He says the symptoms were very mild.

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“Coming out positive didn’t necessarily surprise me with the way I felt that day. I have taken my temperature every day for the last two years and have never had a fever. And suddenly I had a fever and it gave me a headache, that doesn’t feel right. Honestly, you take the test, you come back positive and they take you out the back door and you don’t see anyone for 10 days. It is an experience that you do not want anyone to go through ”, he indicated.

Bench coach James Rowson took over the team during Mattingly’s absence. The Marlins were 4-8, including 1-5 in recent games that ended with a road trip to Colorado and San Diego, while Mattingly was absent.

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“It was definitely good to be vaccinated. I know that it is a decision that depends on the people and on different reasons. People have different reasons for not doing it, and some are related to health issues. The decision (to get vaccinated) is a personal matter, “he said.

Miami started the day on Friday with a record of 48-67, in last place in the National League East. Mattingly led the Marlins to the postseason in 2020, ending a team’s 17-year drought with no playoffs. He was voted Manager of the Year in the National League. (AP)

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