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Dwight Howard explains ‘infamous’ Lakers return tweet

Dwight Howard explains ‘infamous’ Lakers return tweet

Dwight Howard said Thursday afternoon that his “infamous” free agency opening hours tweet about returning to the Los Angeles Lakers, only to be followed shortly after by his agreement to join the Philadelphia 76ers, was the product of a misunderstanding as to whether he officially had an offer to return to the defending NBA champions.

“At one point I did,” Howard said with a smile, when asked if he thought he had an offer at free agency opening hours. “That’s when you saw the infamous tweet, because I really thought I was going to come back. But it was not an offer.

And I understand that it is a business. The Lakers did what they felt was best for them, and I am so grateful that they gave me the opportunity to return to Los Angeles and have a chance to win a championship. “It is very difficult, but everything happens for a reason. I am very excited about my purpose in this team and moving forward.

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Howard rejoined the Lakers on an unsecured minimum contract last summer after it looked like his career could end after an injury-plagued season with the Washington Wizards that saw him appear in just nine games. But Howard revived his career with a great season playing primarily off the bench in Los Angeles, helping the Lakers win a championship in the bubble earlier this fall.

While Howard said he was excited to be in Philadelphia, he admitted that it has been a whirlwind adjusting to moving to a new city and playing for a new team less than two months after the Lakers won that title in Orlando on October 11.

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“It was a step,” he said. “Each day has been a step in a different direction. It is very difficult. I just finished playing with a team, and I headed here to Philadelphia a couple of days ago trying to figure out which mask to wear. “

“So it was quite difficult, just the adjustment of being on a team and playing with this team for a whole year… We played basketball from October to October, and now I’m with the 76ers, so just the clothes, being in Philadelphia, I’m just trying to take it all in But I am very grateful and blessed to be a part of this organization, and it has been great so far.

Beyond changing the masks, Howard said another challenge was trying to maintain his body right after the rigors of essentially playing October through October with the Lakers, and now trying to improve things with the Sixers soon after. Still, he said he’s not worried about the quick change and feels good about where his body is as he heads into the new season.

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“I’m trying to stay in great shape to prepare for this season,” Howard said. “I did not expect it to start so early, but I will be ready and the main thing is to be there for the young people and try to help them right now.

“It feels like we’re done playing. I tried to take time off, get up, but I just had to go back to the gym, get back on the court and try to get another championship. ” (GG) (ESPN DEPORTES)

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