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Ecuador beat Mexico in a friendly played with experimental teams

Ecuador beat Mexico in a friendly played with experimental teams

Ecuador’s soccer team beat Mexico 3-2 this Wednesday in a friendly match played with alternative teams at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jhonny Quiñonez, at minute 2, Janner Corozo, at 15, and Walter Chalá, at 75, scored the goals for the Ecuadorian team.

Roberto Alvarado, at 6, and Osvaldo Rodríguez, at 59, scored for the Mexican squad.

The Ecuadorian squad made their first attack 1-0. Corozo sent a cross from the left corridor, the Mexican defense made a weak rejection to the heart of the area where Quiñónez appeared to score the goal at minute 2.

The Aztec team’s tie reached 6 when Santiago Giménez made an individual play in the area, after falling he managed to tap the ball and left it in the small area for the ‘Piojo’ Alvarado to appear to score 1-1 with a shot point-blank.

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At 15, Ecuador launched a ball to the front for Corozo who threw a wall at the entrance of the area to penetrate the Mexican defense with great ease and stand in front of the goalkeeper to score 2-1.

After the initial deconcentration, Mexico was balancing the game, but the offensive plays were less; The best recorded before the end of the first half was a shot by Alvarado from outside the area that was rejected by goalkeeper Hernán Galíndez, at 45 + 1.

At 59, goalkeeper Galíndez blocked a shot at point-blank range at Alvarado, the ball bounced and Rodríguez caught it from outside the area with a left-footed shot that he placed in the upper right corner for the Aztec team’s 2-2.

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Ecuador stopped attacking and 73 almost fell the third goal. Seeing the forward goalkeeper Galíndez, Eduardo Aguirre took a shot from midfield that went just over the crossbar of the Ecuadorian goal.

After that scare came 3-2 for Ecuador in a play that was derived from a throw-in and in which the Mexican defenders made mistakes in the marking, the ball reached the small area where Chalá appeared to score the goal of the triumph.

At 90 + 1, Galíndez saved Ecuador from the Mexican draw by covering with his leg a shot in a heads-up with Eduardo Aguirre.

After this match, both teams will resume their respective World Cup qualifiers with their stellar teams. Ecuador will host Venezuela on Thursday, November 11, and Mexico will visit the United States on Friday, November 12. (AFP)

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