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Ecuador saves gold point by drawing in its visit to Colombia

Ecuador saves gold point by drawing in its visit to Colombia

Colombia and Ecuador drew 0-0 at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla for the eleventh day of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, a duel marked by the decisions of the VAR and the suspense that resulted in the cancellation of a goal by Yerry Mina in the minute 99.

The clash and the strong game set the pace of the match, in which the Peruvian referee had to appeal to the VAR to annul the late score by the coffee growers for a hand from the defender and a penalty that had already been called for La Tri in the second half for an out of place in the previous play.

The great figure of the match was goalkeeper Alexander Domínguez, who saved several difficult shots and saved a point for La Tri that consolidated itself among the four best that obtain a place in the World Cup.

In the match of matchday 12, host David Ospina also had an outstanding, who avoided the celebrations of the visitors who made a brilliant first half, and with this Colombia is provisionally fourth awaiting what happens in the Brazil match- Argentina.

La Tri bothered the hosts from the first moments with its suffocating pressure and they had the first opportunity to score in the third minute on a corner kick in which Piero Hincapié anticipated his rival and sent a header that was saved by a demanded David Ospina.

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The response from Colombia, who had a lot of difficulties to get the ball to Juan Fernando Quintero and Rafael Santos Borré and get out of the pressure, came in the eighth minute with a free kick from the left side in which Juan Guillermo Cuadrado took a shot that saved Dominguez.

The strong game cut the rhythm of the game, which was very fought in the center of the field where the midfielders hit more than they passed the ball.

Thus, the Ecuadorians tried to look for Enner Valencia in the area and had a key record in Ángel Mena, who with his mobility was a headache for the first line of Colombian midfielders and even tried with a shot that he saved without major problems. Ospina.

For the complementary stage, Reinaldo Rueda opted for Falcao García and Gustavo Cuéllar to try to bring the coffee team closer to the coffee goal, while Gustavo Alfaro gave Gonzalo Plata confidence to refresh the attack of a team that pressed throughout the first half.

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In this context, the hosts began to attack more and had two opportunities to go ahead: a header from Falcao at 60 and a shot from Duván Zapata at 68, both of which were saved by Domínguez.

A moment of high tension in the game came at minute 74 when Cuéllar knocked down Plata in the area and the referee whistled a penalty. However, after several minutes in which he reviewed the VAR and changed his decision for an out of place in a previous play.

The Colombians continued attacking their rival and had another clear one with Díaz, who in a center of Cuadrado took a shot that was cleared with one foot by the brilliant Domínguez.

La Cafetera, turned on the attack against a physically worn rival, found the goal at minute 99 in a play in which Mina, in the midst of several rivals, managed to get a creeping shot that no Ecuadorian saw where he entered.

However, Haro, who faced many challenges in this match, reviewed the VAR and after several minutes of deliberation, with the stadium abuzz, decided to annul the goal because the ball hit Mina’s hand before he took the shot.

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Thus, the match ended with protests from the hosts and both Colombia and Ecuador missed the opportunity to get close to the Qatar 2022 World Cup and will have to continue fighting in the remaining six days.

– Data sheet:

0. Colombia: David Ospina; Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Yerry Mina, Carlos Cuesta, Johan Mojica; Wilmar Barrios, Matheus Uribe (m.58, Gustavo Cuéllar), Juan Fernando Quintero (m.69, Daniel Muñoz), Luis Fernando Díaz; Duván Zapata (m.69, Roger Martínez) and Rafael Santos Borré (m.58, Falcao García).

Selector: Reinaldo Rueda.

0. Ecuador: Alexander Domínguez; Ángelo Preciado (d.86, Xavier Arreaga), Félix Torres, Piero Hincapié, Pervis Estupiñán; Carlos Gruezo, Alan Franco (m.86, Diego Palacios), Michael Estrada, Ángel Mena (m.72, Ayrton Preciado); Enner Valencia (m.62, Gonzalo Plata) and Moisés Caicedo.

Trainer: Gustavo Alfaro.

Referee: The Peruvian Diego Haro. He admonished Pervis Estupiñán, Ángel Mena, Diego Palacios and Michael Estrada.

Incidents: Meeting corresponding to day 12 of the South American Qualifiers of the Qatar 2022 World Cup played at the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium, in Barranquilla. EFE (HN)

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