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England’s Tyrone Mings calls for a black FA chairman

England’s Tyrone Mings calls for a black FA chairman

Tyrone Mings, central defender of Aston Villa and the English team, assured that appointing a black president for the English federation (FA, for its acronym in English) would be a “great step forward”.

This Tuesday, Greg Clarke resigned from his position as president of the FA after making a racist comment by calling footballers “coloured”.

Despite initially apologizing, Clarke later resigned, so the FA has put in a caretaker chairman pending the appointment of a permanent person to the role.

“Of course it would be a step forward,” Mings said at the pre-match press conference against the Republic of Ireland.

“It would be something that people have been fighting for for a long time, people much older than me and who have been fighting for this cause, but in the end it is not what we are asking for. We do not necessarily ask that the new president be black. What we ask for are the same opportunities for blacks and for whites or ethnic minorities, “said the Aston Villa center-back.

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Mings also helped create the FA’s diversity and leadership code, which requires clubs to choose at least one black, Asian or other ethnic man and woman for job vacancies. EFE (hn).

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