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F1 prepares contingency measures for Brexit

F1 prepares contingency measures for Brexit

The organizers of the Formula 1 world championship prepare contingency measures in case Great Britain exits the European Union, said the president of Formula 1, Chase Carey.

The main measure would be to establish more facilities and teams in continental Europe. At present, most of them are located in England, with the exception of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo (ex Sauber). A Brexit implementation could generate a logistical nightmare in the event of tighter customs controls and limitations on the freedom of movement of people.

Toto Wolf, head of the Mercedes F1 team, said last month that the threat of Brexit was a “major concern.” The Red Bull, Christian Horner, regretted for his part that the teams were currently “in uncertainty” regarding the possible consequences of this decision.

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“We are preparing contingency measures to try to ensure that we are prepared for problems that could arise if it becomes more difficult to get people and goods in and out of Britain,” Chase Carey, who is from the United States, told the Geneva motor show. Irish.

In his opinion, it is more likely that there will be obstacles to the movement of goods than visa restrictions for non-British employees of teams established in Great Britain.

In theory, London should leave the European Union on March 29, but the exit agreement proposed by British Prime Minister Theresa May has not yet been approved by Parliament, planning the threat of a disorderly exit. Talks between British and European officials are to resume in Brussels on Tuesday. AFP

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