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F1’s new brakes ‘brake-by-wire’

F1’s new brakes ‘brake-by-wire’

Among the technical novelties of the 2014 season are the new Formula 1 brakes, the ‘brake-by-wire’ system. Here we explain what it consists of.
INTEREngines, aerodynamics, tires … If you think that the changes in the new Formula 1 cars do not go any further, you are wrong. Another of the great novelties is in the new Formula 1 brakes, to which the “brake-by-wire” system (translated from English: braking by wire) has been incorporated.
Where did they get this from? Well, we are talking about a technology developed in fighters and military aircraft. This is a device common to all teams but which has been an important puzzle for the engineers and also for the drivers, who now have a completely different braking feel, harder, according to some of them.
Almost all the teams are having problems with the set-up of this new system. Räikkönen claimed that the ‘brake-by-wire’ was one of the main reasons for the poor performance of the new Ferrari F14 T relative to its rivals in the first race of the season.

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