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Fenerbahçe denounces the Turkish Federation for vetoing it from the Champions 2011-12

Fenerbahçe denounces the Turkish Federation for vetoing it from the Champions 2011-12

Fenerbahçe, one of the three most successful clubs in Turkey, announced on Monday the opening of a lawsuit against the Turkish Football Federation for vetoing it from participation in the 2011-2012 UEFA Champions League following an accusation of rigging parties from which he was finally acquitted.

In a statement published today on its website, the club indicates that it will request compensation of 250 million lire (25 million euros) from the Turkish federation (TFF) for its decision to prohibit it from playing in the ‘Champions’ despite having won the Super League 2010-2011.

The Istanbul team won the Turkish Super League title that season in a tight race with Trabzonspor, but were later accused of fixing matches, sparking a huge scandal involving more Turkish clubs.

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Several Fenerbahçe managers were arrested and placed in preventive detention, while the TFF granted Trabzonspor the right to participate in the Champions League, where they were eliminated in the Group Stage.

After initial convictions, the Fenerbahçe leadership was acquitted of all the accusations in 2015, although several subsequent judicial appeals lengthened the trial and the acquittal for lack of evidence only became a final opinion only on November 6.

Fenerbahçe stresses that the compensation of 250 million lire for the damages suffered due to their absence from the Champions League is only a first step, as it reserves the right to future claims. EFE (HN)

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