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Fernando Alonso considered leaving Formula 1 last year

Fernando Alonso considered leaving Formula 1 last year
The Spanish Fernando Alonso, two-time Formula One world champion, acknowledged that he considered leaving Formula 1 in 2017 to focus on his dream of winning the triple crown of the motoring.
The McLaren driver revealed to Racing F1 magazine that he considered dropping out to focus squarely on the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans 24.
“Yes, I thought about the possibility of changing championships and leaving Formula One. After completing the Indianapolis 500, there were a couple of tests in Austria, Silverstone, when I thought: Maybe next year I could try different championships. I could dedicate myself fully to the Triple Crown and do the Indianapolis and Le Mans and perhaps that would be the best, “said Alonso.
However, the Asturian explained that afterwards he felt that it was not the right time.
Not now, not after these results. Not with this feeling, “said the pilot, adding that he knew he would finally regret” the rest “of his life and that he would” have that bad taste “for the rest of his racing career.
Alonso indicated that there were still unfinished business with McLaren. «I think this year is the moment when everything is going to change. I feel very sure of it.
Alonso described last season as “a bad year for McLaren, who is third or fourth in the constructors’ championship, never ninth,” a position where he finished in 2015 and 2017.
The pilot noted that he hopes that next season they can be in the top five. “Return to normalcy, return to that feeling of reaching each Grand Prix and prepare through practice, knowing that you can be in the Top 5, and if you do it very well, on the podium,” he commented.
Alonso explained that that motivation and that preparation are the things that he has missed the most, but he hopes to have them back this year. “It is my greatest expectation,” he assured. EFE.
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