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Fernando Alonso on a possible return to F1: «Maybe»

Fernando Alonso on a possible return to F1: «Maybe»

The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, two-time Formula One world champion, stated at the Monza circuit on the occasion of the Italian Grand Prix, that “it would be nice” to return to this championship and before this option he responded with a “maybe”.

When asked if being at Monza made him want to get back in an F1 car, he replied: “It would be nice. Every time you enter a circuit and you do not drive and you see the cars around you, it becomes weird, “the Spaniard told Sky in a statement published by

“This year is a bit of a sabbatical for me, although I have done the World Endurance Championship and now I am testing for a possible challenge in the Dakar. I’m not on the couch at home, but a bit far from F1. This is a very intense life, “he added.

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On the possibility of returning to the F1 World Cup, Alonso said with a half smile: “Maybe.”

“I think I have to assess a couple of challenges outside of F1 that I have to meet, which are not yet closed, like the Indy 500 and other things. And in 2021, with the new regulations, I think it is a good mix and we will see an F1 quite different from the current one, “he said.

“I think the reasons why I left F1 last year are still there now, with a team dominating the grid and racing very predictable. But in 2021 things may change and it may be a good opportunity, “he said.

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“I think the new regulations have been made for that, to balance the grid a little more and to have more options. The only bad thing is the calendar. 22 races is a non-stop, very demanding. We will see. I’m getting old, “he concluded. EFE

«It’s good to come back and more in one of my favorite races like Monza. I have been very close to Italy since my early years in karting, so I am happy to be back, to see some friends and hopefully McLaren will do well over the weekend, “he said. EFE

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